Our projects at the Gar must still find a way to move on

The front gate


Dzamling Gar requires a lot of collaboration to keep functioning, and right now we are starting the project of the main front gate. This project was approved by Rinpoche in 2018.


We are having a simple metal front gate, it was a temporary solution. Now it is time to have a new gate. As this project is the very last part of construction Phase 1, to move fences and have a real gate is the last legal requirement. We have been delayed to finish for various reasons including Covid- 19.

Webcast support

webcast title

Dzamling Gar continues to provide a rich program of courses and activities, including daily and weekly practices. In 2020 we ran approximately 58 courses and events, there were 3430 participants on Zoom, plus 634 Chinese participants bringing the total to 4064.

We are grateful for our dedicated instructors and webcast team, who worked hour after hour, to bring these programs to the internet. We also have a group of tireless and dedicated translators, without whom we cannot share these programs around the world. Khaita continues to webcast Every Friday from the Dzamling Gar Gönpa.
On top of man- power, Webcasting requires a lot of equipment and materials which cost.


We very much appreciate your contribution especially for these projects. Whatever you can offer, even a small amount, will help.







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