The Dzogchen Community is a nonprofit cultural association founded on the principles of the Dzogchen teaching. Its primary focus is the study and dissemination of these profound teachings through the active commitment of participants. Its principal activity is for members. Supporting the life of the Dzogchen Community through membership is fundamental to become part of Dzogchen Community and sustaining our Gars and Lings for the the continuation of our activities in the future. Apart from specific fund raising programmes, we rely on membership fees and generous donations for all of our running costs and overheads and many supporting projects such a Webcast, IDC and coordination of the Dzogchen Community worldwide.
Those people who feel that they want to make a more concrete commitment to the Community can apply for membership and become the members of the Dzogchen Community. The full membership is obtained after 3 continues years holding of Welcome card. The holders of Welcome card can buy the restricted books and have access to the Webcast.
Holders of full membership become also full members of Dzogchen Community and receive except the aforesaid benefit of Welcome card holder the voting rights at Annual General meeting's and can be work as Gakyils.
Some of the specific retreats and courses require membership or Welcome card in order to attend.
How to become a new member ?
If you would like to become member visit and register. You will receive a membership number. This number will be your identification number in the Dzogchen Community.
How to renew my membership ?
If you would like to renew your membership for new year please do it until end of January of respective year. For the payment and renewal please visit or do it personally in our office of Dzamling Gar.
How to register in
Please check this TUTORIAL

We have different price for each of 4 types of Membership:


1. Ordinary 99 EUR / year
20% discounts for courses in DZAMLING GAR*

2. Sustaining 350 EUR / year
50% discounts for courses in DZAMLING GAR*

* DZAMLING GAR is applying for the retreats the principle of generosity.

This membership is especially for the practitioners living in Spain and Africa but traveling to different Gars and Lings attending there the courses and retreats.

3. Global Sustaining 500 EUR / year
50% discounts for courses and retreats in whole Dzogchen Community world wide

4. Global Meritorious 1,500 EUR / year
80% discounts for courses and retreats in whole Dzogchen Community world wide.

For more information on membership contact Yellow Gakyil: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.